Getting The Most Out Of A Narrow Plot

Sometimes choosing to buy a narrow plot is only the start of a more serious problem, which is to fit a standard size family home on a very narrow lot. There are many ways in which you can actually ensure that you get the most out of your property, including focusing upon light, building closets into your home, and utilizing outside space. Almost anyone can get the home they want on a narrow lot by using narrow block home designs. These designs allow you to provide the space and light your home needs no matter how thin or narrow it has to be in order to fit on to the plot that has been bought.

The first thing that can be done is to ensure that the narrow house is flooded with light. Natural light is the best kind, as it creates a feeling of being in a very large room. Narrow lot house designs can make a great deal out of the natural light available particularly when the home is tall. Tall houses can be fitted with skylights which allow the lower rooms to be flooded with much needed lighting. For homes that have to have electric light in the lower areas, spotlights around the room can make space seem larger. House designs for narrow blocks are intended to allow as much light as possible in the home.

Another thing which many narrow lot house designs concentrate upon is the fact that people need storage in their homes. Rather than adding furniture which can simply take up too much room in a narrow home, good builders actually build closets in the home. Extra storage can be included in any narrow lot house designs depending on the desires of the owner. Since extra storage is so vital to those living in a restricted area of space, utilizing areas that are not normally dealt with, such as under the stairs or in the loft is done at the building stage.

A further way in which house designs for narrow blocks can be used is in the creation of outside living space. Most homeowners do not use their outside space much, so they do not realize how useful the space is. For those living in narrow houses this can be an essential living area. Create living spaces using porches, decking, or patios to provide extra room using outside areas. Your builders should be able to advise you on using this space to maximum effect.