Luxury Yacht Charters

The islands have been inhabited since prehistoric times, around 5000 BC, and there are many Cyclopean remains. These show the communities constructed dwellings of stone. There is evidence of primitive agriculture including the keeping of domesticated animals. Jewelry, pottery and tools appear to have been manufactured. Later Phoenician traders frequently visited them. In 654 BC …

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Email Address Validation – Are Desktop Software Solutions Worth the Money?

Does your business use email to keep in touch with your customers? If the answer is yes, you have probably already experienced the problems that arise from customers who don’t have valid or current email boxes. Does the following sound familiar? Bounced emails or Non Delivery Receipts (NDR’s) Having to manually update your customer newsletter …

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Artificial Palm Trees

Artificial palm trees work well in offices, homes, restaurants and hotels because they are artificial and need little if any care. Adding a touch of nature to indoor décor is popular these days, and palm trees are being used in homes and businesses throughout the United States. Artificial palm trees look like natural palms, and …

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